Irvine Chiropractor Specializing in CBP

Zen Care has been offering patients in Irvine with highly advanced and result oriented chiropractic care through the CBP or Chiropractic BioPhysics protocol to help eliminate back pain, neck pain and migraines naturally, without the use of medication or surgery. Zen Care also offers expert solutions to assist with general wellness, vitality and weight loss challenges.

Advanced Chiropractic

Irvine Chiropractic Care
Located in Irvine, Zen Care is one of only a few chiropractic care facilities in Orange County that specializes in Advanced Chiropractic Care. Trained and certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), Dr. Jay Kang brings a new, result-oriented and highly effective pain relief and corrective care protocol to his patients, helping eliminate back pain, neck pain and migraines permanently.

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Permanent Pain Relief

Permanent and Natural Pain Relief
Zen Care offers an extensive and comprehensive range of proven and highly effective old-world methodologies combined with advanced cutting-edge techniques for permanent pain relief. Unlike medication that masks the pain or surgery that can be very intrusive, chiropractic care is therapeutic, and works on correcting the source of you pain for good.

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Weight Loss & Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting and Weight Loss
Looking for amazing weight loss results without the gimmicks, pills, diets and surgeries? Contour Light Body Sculpting technology is now available at Zen Care in Irvine. This technology burns away your fat right in front of your eyes without any side effects, scaring or discomfort whatsoever. Please contact us today for a complimentary in-office weight loss consultation.

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Comprehensive Allergy Testing

Comprehensive Allergy Testing
Are you suffering from fatigue, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, rash or general feeling of not being well? Allergies can be caused by a variety of allergens, which if ignored, can cause serious health issues or even death. Zen Care understands the importance of allergies and provides a variety of comprehensive allergy testing for kids and adults.

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Our Team of Expert Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Doctors Can Successfully Treat These Symptoms

• Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain
• Headaches and Migraines
• Scoliosis and Spinal Deformities
• Pinched Nerve and Tingling
• Acid Reflux or GERD
• Sports Injuries and Rehab
• Allergies
• Fibromyalgia, Stress and Fatigue

Why Does Everyone Need Chiropractic Care?

The general misconception is that chiropractors are only needed when you have been in an accident and require pain relief, but in actuality, regular chiropractic care is essential to living a healthier and longer life. So how does the health of your spine affect your overall wellness? Simple. Nerve flows through the spine to every cell in your body, keeping you alive and functioning. Once the nerve flow is hindered through a spinal misalignment, it will begin manifesting as pain, discomfort, or even organ dysfunction. Living with this for a prolonged period of time results in diminished quality of life and always being in a state of illness. You don’t necessarily have to be in an accident to experience spinal misalignments… as a matter of fact, something as simple as poor posture while sitting can cause tremendous damage in the long run. This is true for anyone with a spine – from a child all the way up to elderly adults.

Patient Testimonials

“I never thought chiropractic care would be so comprehensive and help out with so many of my health issues. After 3 months of treatment, I am feeling so healthy and so happy. Dr. Kang truly is an expert in advanced chiropractic care and I recommend him 100%.”

Sandra Lee
Irvine, California

“Best chiropractor in Irvine and Orange County. Came in with horrible back pain thinking surgery is next, but after getting treated here, I have my life back. The professionalism, knowledge, treatment and attitude here is amazing. Best decision I ever made.”

Grant Lund
Irvine, California

“I thought I’m getting old and accepted that I am not as mobile anymore like I used to. I was wrong. Zen Care gave me my mobility and flexibility back so that I can run around after my 2 year old and enjoy life again, without pain or discomfort. Thank you!”

Mahsa Rahmani
Orange County, California

PGA Golfer Utilizing Chiropractic Care to Enhance Performance and Recover from Injury - Zen Care Irvine California